forever-- later-after I laid our jeep on its side, top of stair steps...Page 6.

Finally went wheelin over the 4th of July. And yes got to get to experience something I never thought I would again-my 1st trail scratch. Hmmm, minor fender crunch, already repainted. Glorious trip, easy to spend way too much time in the driveway. The repaint/turned refurbish took way too long, put off ordering front axle, so we did the Dusy anyway on the ol'30. Got new axle installed and then ran Coyote, got home and gauges had finally arrived. All in all now thats its done were liking it. The old brown boots gone,

The biggest thing I learned is how busy Everyone is early in the season, parts were next to impossible to get. But all in all we're liking our "new" jeep. The Durabak liner is cool. the new side bars from Tomken are killer (update 2013 unsure if still made. Mine set against jeep-bolted thru side & floor awesome-not the ones bolted on legs to frame like 'nerf' bars).

And yes we love our new ARB equipped "Flyin Brain" (Tera 50 housing for the high pinion 44.) built by Foothill in Auburn Ca. , that is after we modified the oil pan for clearance.
The electronic gauges from Nordskog (since closed there doors) are absolutely bitchin(even though the pics dont show the green readout to well). If Id had any idea, especially on the oil and volt meter gauges, that actually register, I'd have done it a long time ago. The speedo is a twice what a stock one will set you back, but all that electronics on my CJ dash is nice,can be calibrated & I can actually read them at night (this old geezers going blind). and they are super accurate. - (update 2013 another company bites the dust-Norskog gone)

We painted our trailer to match, installed new top (still looking for Wrangler half doors), I think were about done. Well.. after the 4/1 gear set and maybe a 4.7 stroker but that's a ways off. Nice color-looks real nice with a haze of trail dust on er...Here's a few pics for those of you who have been following this.

"Maiden" voyage
-paints still soft, no gauges, but were doin the DUSY.

Then on to Coyote- back in the saddle...ahhh

Course I couldn't pass on showing off our newly painted trailer...

Or thanking those
who really lent a hand...




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