forever-- later-after I laid our jeep on its side, top of stair steps...Page 5.
Almost done, got glass in the new frame, dash is almost done, repacked the spare parts. Yet is install the top, doors, and speedometer. This jeeps seen a lot of trail time, but Im going to get to experience something I never thought I would again-my 1st trail scratch. Hmmm.

After much debating we decided to put back most of the dash plaques, trying to regain some of the "character" the paint covered up.

The birds eye view
Two of the upgrades included in the "repaint", an electronic speedo from Nordskog to fill the hole in the dash...

and rocker skids form Tomken...ohhhh nice. gain lot of clearance verses the old nerf bars, Im curious how the body will hold up banging these. Should work+still have a step(even though there 3' off the ground)


What started this all. The before...and the near complete after, just a lil crunch.
Its nice, always wanted to change the color, and she was gettin a bit tattered, soo if your thinkin of going down this path,
think again,


 Welp thats it for now, maybe after our 1st run Ill take some pics with the new top/doors on er, actual trail pics. YA MULE!

Update 08/02 Hey, finally went wheelin, did Dusy over the 4th with friends. Couple of pics on page 6 'new' jeep on trail (Really, the last)

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