forever-- later-after I laid our jeep on its side, top of stair steps...The Beginning.

Where it all started, last 1/4 mile of the trail, usually pick a line while Im rollin and doowwwnn we go -not today.
There was a fella who happened to be at the bottom of the steps when I rolled and took these. He had mailed them to me , so I scanned them for grins....

Not having a good day...


You can see how precarious it was. The jeep is actually sitting on roll cage at windshield and on the highlift mounted to side of jeep with most of the weight on the roll bar. If not for the cage, she would have gone on her top and off the edge, This is a ridge route, several hundred feet down both sides. Lucky to be here.

Here we're winching to the only rock, no one could reach me, so with the water draining out of my battery we winched in short smoky bursts. Cable run out side of winch thru tow hook then back to frame. Where Berk is standing on the right, is the little rock jutting out that jerked the wheel up hill (not the one hes standing on, drove against it . Doesnt really show but continue forward is the basketball), stalling the motor and over we went. I had enough time to look out the window and pray she would stop on her side.

Interesting to see the bottom of your rig from a different angle..


an back on 'er feet


Repacking the lunch....what a way to start the season

Back up 6" and drove down-hmmm longest 5 seconds of my life. "Honey,... I rolled the jeep".

Several months later this happened again. Not going over on my side, but hit a small rock- couldnt hold the wheel and it went to full lock. Some research Ied to realization I had a power steering box issue-.



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