2 weekends later-after I laid our jeep on its side, top of stair steps...

    Well lets start at the beginning....End of a nice day run, later part of February at the end of the trail...I roll the jeep. Lining up for the serious section, got to far to the right, small rock jerked wheel uphill and teetered me on my left wheels-lookin down a serious canyon, briefly, then over she went. So begins the saga of repair turn repaint turn refurbish. Our jeeps seen a few miles over the last 12 years and was gettin pretty threadbare, but as long as we could wheel most of it got put on the round toit list. Decided to create this page to fill in the waiting for bondo to dry and back ordered parts dead time. Seemed a little more constructive than lookin out the window to see if UPS would stop.... I was gettin ready to pull fender off and replace and decided what the heck-I cant make it any worse so I ll try to bang out some of my frustration. Lo and behold it amazingly came out pretty good, so I started taking pictures.

    Pics of the original episode, on page 7

    Work In progress

    A lil gloss to see what it looks like -itll do. A bit of trail dirt-a bit of rock rash and the kiss of a Sierra Pine, it'll be just like new!

    I didn't believe I could pull out the fender...Lot you can do with a hi-lift & an a hammer. The Hood, as bad as it looked actually popped out pretty good. a skim coat of bondo to smooth it out-not to shabby. The fender has a lot of ripples but Im not floating it w/bondo.
      We've decided to paint the entire Jeep-so the project grows. I cant see drilling the new windshield for a 14 year old soft top, so filling all the snap holes would be in order. I cant BELIEVE the prices of new tops. Hokey Smoke! AND THEY DON'T EVEN USE SNAPS ANYMORE...ua old school :) There goes this years budget-all for a moment.

    Last comment- for those of you in soft tops w/ no cage. The windshield frame wrapped itself around my roll bar. If it hadn't been for the cage at minimum the windshield would have been in my face, the jeep on its top. But more than likely the jeep would have continued to roll and off the ridge. Or dead Mark-cost of cage-100/150 bucks.
    Don't think about it DO IT.

    So were thinking of late ford explorer gray-green what do ya think?

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