Add a another 110v receptacle

Change existing plug to GFI, add receptacle hardwired from inverter.

Helping a friend clean out his garage, we found some mics electrical stuff left over from his home remodel. Gave me a GFI receptacle and some boxes. Cool, been wanting to add another plug on wall above dinette for laptop use. Recently added plug opposite the dinette for 110v heater. Trying to get where we wont have anything plugged in the seat box plug because were always kicking the cords. I was going to remove existing plug and just make it a junction box. Now with the free GFI, Ill replace the original seat box plug. This will allow the previously added downstream exterior plug that's wired from dinette seat box and new dinette wall plug to also be protected by GFI.


The new dinette plug is going to be split, one side shore power and the other an extension from inverter. I'll have to use surface mount box and wire cover because of the semi solid exterior wall. Parts are parts. One of the reasone Ive held off (other than waiting to get inverter mounted) was I wasn't sure how the surface mount box would look on dinnet wall. Fella recently posted his simular install on using the surface wiring, didnt look too bad.


The campers receptacles are boxless, so Ill need a 'custom' box for the GFI. Shown is 'new' GFI & removed old plug.


Another fine mess, Swear I've cleaned the camper more in that last 3 months than since we've owned it. Will run wires along top edges of box structure, Drill a few holes. Debated on where to put plug and how to run wire to it. Decided not to put over the table, put off to one side. Wire decided to run straight across box & up wall with surface mount. This was simpler because of existing plug location.


Cut a plastic box depth & height to fit existing hole due to closeness of drawer, and the backing board was rather small. Attached thru sides of box into ply. Receptacle is screwed to wood but is encased with box. Wires I already have roughed in, took bout an hour to get from inverter over to dinette.


Finished roughing in wires, where wires transition from support & up wall, cut wire cover to fold over in corner. The edge of seat box top, already had been notched to clear window so it will fully open, other wise I would have had to cut to clear wire cover. Install new split plug & connect wires.


No more kicking plugs, nice, plus added protection for exterior plug and newly added dinette table plug. Plugged in camper shore cord- GFI has lil led showing its on. Tested plugs & GFI. Turned on inverter- we got power.


This will be lot more useful plus access to inverter power. Dang I briefly thought about adding another inverter remote switch, Ill have to get up and turn it on to access inverter power for running laptop sitting at the table - life's rough...

So this ties up inverter wiring/ plug additions project. Actually 4 different projects just done over time. Adding a receptacle for portable 110v heater so as not have cord draped across floor. Hardwiring inverter so I can run inverter power directly to TV area split inverter/shore 110v plug for more convenient power access with a remote switch for ease of inverter use. Finally adding a split plug to dinette for both shore & inverter power and out of feet area. In the mix came the free GFI to make the dinette & previously installed exterior plug GFI protected.

Wiring projects;
add 110v plug for heater
hardware inverter, add TV split inverter/shore 110v plug
add exterior 110v plug
lastly this page, add split inverter/shore 110v plug at dinette table, changing dinette seat plug, table plug & exterior plug to GFI circuit.
Update: Later but added another split shore/inverter receptacle to the other side of table for convenience. Also remote inverter switches to both dinnet plugs Another plug

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