Install 110v receptacle


Add an exterior 110 volt weather proof receptacle to rear of camper, got tired of running extension cord inside-especially if its raining- purchase small 110v compressor so we can air down at camp. Seems like every where we camp the Truck/camper usually sits fairly nose low, letting the air out of the bags will drop it a lot.

This was fairly easy to add, the height matches the space under slide where there's a junction box. Short run of wire.

Update12/08 well we don't use the compressor any more for airing up truck since installing the in dash controls and on board compressor in truck, but the plug still comes in handy as does the compressor for airing other stuff.

picture of electric box

Romex cable runs around to receptacle box on dinette seat box.


Which I later changed to a GFI receptacle so that downstream exterior receptacle is also GFI protected.

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