Installed bracket on camper for Tote-along portable waste tank

. We've run our holding tanks full quite a few times-often with no dump stations near. Quite a few places we ve had to pull up stakes because of full holding tanks. Decided to get a small auxiliary portable waste tank for those occasions and the extra capacity. After purchasing this thing, a 15 gal, realized to be truly practical, often we'd have to transport it full. So I decided I need a convenient way to haul it. So built a bracket so it could sit on rear bumper when full.
Ideally there will be a dump station near so it wont have to be utilized, not really liking the idea of this thing full of 'poo' strapped on the back...but the option is now available to haul it.



Pics of tank installed (above) & bracket (and my 1st attempt at mig welding aluminum, wow, a whole new ball game). I've include a pdf file of some drawings, and how bracket morphed into what it is, due to material I found. Which actually worked to my advantage, especially a place to mount the tie off on bottom.



Theres more ramblings in the drawings, but I should note this full, is heavy. Not shown are additional tie offs Im adding at mid height. Hard to see, I mounted a tie off at handle height, strap will go from top to bottom at bracket spring loaded tie off. Also I wont fill it more than 10 gals (cause I wont be able to lift). I filled the tank with water gallon by gallon and marked off a plastic rod. Lifting after each gal, 10 gal is max. If were in a park that has dump where I could pull it, maybe more, though Id probably make a couple of lighter trips.

mounted w/cover

I also have and am using the gray stuff bag that the camper cover came in. Makes a perfect cover for the tank.
Even so, I imagine once folks realize what's on the bumper, they will back off a bit :-)


scooter hitch
Hitch frame

mini hitch :)
;The "Ball".

Pretty simple, welded some channel & brace to frame- Towed Poo bucket up & down the street with 10 gals of water---laughing so hard I almost fell off...

01/09 Loaded and ready for Poo run...
Poo Run

Back to camp
And back to camp.

I really need to replace wheels with rubber tires. Sounds like a huge Big wheel rolling thru camp, plus needs bearings. Pulling REALLY slow, don't want the plastic wheels getting hot or wallow out-need to do-soon..
Update 03/09 add rubber wheels to poo bucket Portable tote along gets new shoes

9 years later,

Made a new cover out of heavy marine vinyl

Still using the blue ratchet straps. Replacing with some silver eventually, getting pretty toasty. Hopefully before I have to cut-off old ones.

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