Add Mopeka LPG tank monitor to our 2 20#tanks.

Stumbled upon these while scouring parts for camper. Didn't know they were made. Very simple unit. Sender attaches magnetically to bottom of tank. Transmits a signal up thru tank, pretty accurately measuring volume of propane. This information is then accessed via bluetooth either by small monitor mounted in camper OR by an 'app' that can be downloaded to your phone (no wiring).

Approducts unit but has separate web site- Available Amazon, Camping World etc,

More 'fun' than a necessity as we've only run out of gas a few times. Worse though is we think the backup tank is full and its not. Happened twice over 17 years, just sometimes lose track. At any rate, if these work, just the brain time in not second guessing how much propane/use worth the cost. Well maybe not so much priceless but is nice just pushing a button and 'seeing' level.

The only caveats is the sender requires tanks be raised 1/4", which really isn't an issue but the spacers that are provided to accomplish this, are problematic at best. They are a dense rubber like material but like to fall off when changing tanks, some report them simply splitting or crush and senders can be damaged. UPDATE: new kits are now supplied with aluminum spacers!

Second though really minor is they are battery powered #2032. But having to lift out tanks to change a battery isn't going to happen so I cut holes in my tray under tanks. I also thought this might eliminate need for the spacers.

Almost worked, cut 4" holes which was as large as I wanted to cut tray, wasn't quite enough as sender magnets are toward one end so case hits bottle. Requires spacers. Still, reaching under and thru the holes makes placing easy and or changing battery a breeze, so worth the effort.

The monitor I was going to place between new SeeLevel monitor and relocated heater switch, using to cover old pump switch hole. Wont fit though mounted horizontally as intended so going to mount vertically.

I decided to change how its mounted. It has 2 ears that allow screwing to wall. However the ears are attached to the cover and not the base. Changing battery means having to unscrew from wall. Where I'm mounting is 1/8" paneling-so that wouldn't last long. At the same time I realized I didn't wanted it mounted so far back and the hole it was going to cover is now where mounting screw would be. Even though I'll have to figure something out to cover old hole, moving where more reachable.

Simple fix is drilling 2 holes in the back to pass screw head then slot for screw body. Cut off the ears. Simple, now monitor will lift off wall. Looks funny label sideways
Played with the logo a bit

No effective way to make sticker, wouldn't duplicate logo anyway, decided simpler more nondescript face.

Used Dymo labeler and over laid some strapping tape to seal the holes for leds and protect labels.

Nice, push a button and see the level-this is 100%,
Sorta matches other panel. Not as bright/ busy as factory face...till something else comes up.
I like the monitor- just push a button. Really like the fact its bluetooth, so no wires to run. Margaret likes using her phone to check, Which I should mention is the monitor, if you didn't want to mount or use, isn't required. Tank senders can be use solely with 'smart' device.
Couple of screen shots of phone app.

The monitor is calibrated for 20# tanks, it will work with 30&40# tanks, they just show full longer. However the free app that can be downloaded to your 'smart' device can be set up to the size of your tank among other features. The app has features other than level reading like checking signal strength, battery level, renaming and adding or deleting units. Kinda cool.

All in all, though not inexpensive, well worth cost for convenience, system does work very well. We are very happy with it.

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