Relocate accumulator due to recent inverter install

Only place to mount inverter, reach battery and have face of inverter accessible was on a shelf under sink at left side.

Fairly simple, however I had to lower the campers water accumulator as it sat in the left corner where shelf will now go. Minor Except I need to get to the top of the accumulator as it has valve on top where you add air when needed. Main thrust was mounting inverter so just unscrewed accumulator from wall and lowered to floor.

Shelf worked well to mount inverter, now to address accumulator...

I kind of thought with the lower panel removed as shown I might access accumulator from bottom. Rarely need to but adding air from underneath Not happening.

Where it was

Decided I need to some how extend the valve when it dawned on me it's a schrader valve "Tire valve". I have an old leftover flexible tire hose extension from old MH. So dug around a while and found it-who whoo. Checked and it fit. Mounting the accumulator at slight angle the valve with hose points to gap in front of newly added shelf. The hose should allow adding air from above. Think this will work.

Screwed on the hose extension to accumulation, fed hose up into gap and remounted accumulator to cabinet wall.

Hose above.

Little bracket to tuck hose back in corner to keep from flopping out.

Easily pulled out to check PSI, add air, which I did. That worked out slick. Other than taking 3 hands to add air. Tucks back out the way. The bracket I used holding hose back came with hose. If mounted further out, end of schrader could mount thru it as intened holding hose-round toit that likely do.

Amazed I remembered still having this hose, using a tire extension hose on accumulator to access-who would have thunk. Sure made it a non issue.

Round toit!

Inverter installed and accumulator air valve accessible

Old bicycle pump with new clip on hose to add air easily when needed.

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