Wow that water pump is SOOO annoying.

The smallest trickle of water and the pump would just go off, very loudly -thrrrrruuuuuuud- thrrrrruuuuuuuuuddd-thrrrruuuuuuddd
So I was looking at the pump, verifying it wasn't touching anything and decided to go to the local RV store and see if they had anything in the way of accumulators. In reading the posts in the forums ( this seemed to be the solution to the constant cycling. The only one they had was perfect! Well it was the right size, insulated mounts and looked like the box had been on the shelf a few years. Was a little less than what Id seen online.

I added the accumulator after water pump. (you can almost see pump, bottom water line goes to accumulator, middle line is from tank, top line goes to plumbing). I also added an angle cock to the accumulator to aid in plumbing-not much room...Basically just replacing the line from pump to 1st tee that feeds bath/kitchen. I used flex lines to replace the hard plastic tubing. I think this may have helped as much with the noise transmitting all over but I'm sure the accumulator absorbs some of the noise too.
WOW -night and day difference in the amount of noise from pump, plus it doesn't constantly cycle on and off. You can actually run water for a few seconds and the pump doesn't come on -then its only brief. I also at this time replaced kitchen faucet with a sprayer unit-used flex lines on it too. great for rinsing dishes, washing your hair. The stock faucet was real short, and with the addition of the Pur filter it was hard to get anything very large under the faucet
All in all -This was the most amazing upgrade...If you don't have an accumulator this is one mod/upgrade I HIGHLY recommend.


UPDATE 2/2011
Replaced with pre charged shur-flo unit. To charge old one, with the pump off, you open cap on top, open a low-point drain line for a few seconds, close then close cap on accumulator. This worked well for several years, but got where it wouldn't hold air, cap split couple of years ago. After fixing several times finally decided to replace. New sure-flo to charge you just stick air to it ~30psi. As I had previously plumbed with flex hoses it was just a bolt in.

UPDATE 2018 FMI (for my information. )

Recorded pump model and parts. Stuck here where I might find if I need parts. This pump is 18 years old.

Pump head complete 94-236-08 Head Assembly, $50 all parts but motor. Though given age and price of parts newer replacement pump would be better idea-however they are also rated higher GPM, PSI and amps used. TO be determined if need arises-

Just a peek inside of the 'new' Shurflo 182-100 (part number since changed to 182-200 ) accumulator replacement of 2011.

Relocate accumulator Moved due to inverter install, used an air extension hose so still have access to add air to accumulator.

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