Install TV swing out bracket

TV inside of cabinet was using a lot of space, So installed this swing out shelf. A Braund #14775. We no longer use shelf but leaving page up for the heck of it.

Another inquiry prompted edit.
Old school bracket, not sure if still in production. Searching Braund tv shelf may yield results. They do make a similar style and easier to find cast aluminum one #11333. The Braund manuals page still shows the one I used but again don't know if available at this writing.
Update 2017- link removed. Manuals or any TV shelves no longer listed at Braund site-try Ebay etc. Another item added to the list of stuff we use to make...

Got rather involved. I had to move the TV plug to outside of cabinet. Fortunately there was enough wires to reach, originally was in roof of cabinet. TV is much easier to see, it will still turn around so you can watch from the dinette or the bed. Bed curtain usually hides the wires (I moved for pics).

Notice the shelf the TV is on? Its the cutting board that came with the camper, supposed to sit in the sink. We didn't use it and it was the perfect size for the TV plus its got a "handle". That was easy!
Install bracket with carriage bolts thru end wall (painted white)I then added the 1x4 to the wall and latch. The shelf sits on this so weights not pulling on the bracket going down the road, the latch secures it. TV is attached to shelf with these cool lil stick on latches found at the local RV store.

This was a fun project- not only did we gain a lot of storage space, better TV viewing location,
I can now access the potato chips and Oreos from either the bed or the kitchen! :-)

update;Added this picture for posterity...
shelf been laying in shop for couple of years-stumbled upon pic of documentation (long since lost.)

Replace AC/DC VCR combo TV with an lcd See 07/05

Replaced again. Well moved into house-put new tv in camper, replacing the old arm and added a sound bar. See 08/13

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