Update, changed my mind:

Build Sink light fixture

After building light box over dinnet, I kept seeing the one over sink. Tried to talk my self out of it, wasnt going to build another but would match new dinnett light, plus I can make the box longer and cut the fixture in half. This allows moving the bulbs apart a few inches to spread the light and decrease the shadows when standing under light at sink. So one more box.



Cut original fixture in half to move bulbs apart. Removed switch from housing and I mounted on side, rewired this switch so center is off, to right is one bulb, left is both. As other fixture the end comes off to slide lens on.

Basically same as dinnett light, a 3 sided box. Used a chisel point blade on skill saw to cut groove down a piece of 1x6 I had, then ripped it to 2" wide cut to lengths needed. I try to stay away from cutting 45s but cuts came out close enough when cutting into side pieces. Made a bottom out of old 1/8 ply drawer bottom, because I realized one end would need to come of to remove lens for access to bulbs/installation. Gives the 3 sided box some structure. Assembled the frame & bottom using nails & glue, with end piece is screwed. Ran a small piece of 3/8 x 3/4 trim just to dress it a bit, that and hide the not to straight cut when I cut the 2" from 1x6. Stained the pre built box so I didn't get it too dirty while figuring out switches, fixture mounts etc. Ill clear coat when done. Painted the inside of this one white.

Large lens really helps to spread the light. this is with 1141 bulbs, ordered 4 more leds from ledtrailerlights, but light as noted before is almost the same at 1/4 (actually less) battery use. Ill add the LEDS are rated at 0.3 amps but im showing they only are using 0.12 amps

Ok Im done ..

This concludes the swap to LEDs see led page with
Buliding a new dinnet fixture see Dinnet light page
and this page, new over sink fixture.

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