Building a simple jig to cut greater angles on table saw

Need an easy means to re-cut leveling ramps with greater angle (or less). Used for cutting tenon joints or creating raised panel doors, this jig also easily allows holding workpiece in a vertical position to cut angles table saw otherwise cant.

Youtube supplied an unlimited variety of jigs and construction methods. For this I basically followed the simplest I could find with some features of others. Mostly large enough at one end to clamp material vertically, a good length for longer pieces. Simple manual clamping.

Material on hand was 1/2" particle board. Probably worst choice but what I had.

Scrap I had was almost perfect in size. 'L' shaped scrap, cutting 3 strips from long side for sides and top of box that will ride table saw fence with piece left over for clamping face.

Clamping face, Cut with jig saw to round corners, 24" long x 15" at high end, 4 1/2" low end.

Assembled the 3 side box that will ride on fence. I did like most, designed to ride top of fence. However I had to modify later as it was too unstable. My fence is only 1 3/8" wide. If yours is also narrow plan on riding sides of box on table instead of top. Also on top of my fence there are screws and rear clamping bar so had to cut a groove. Clamping to fence with cardboard shim between one side of box and fence for clearance, glued and stapled box together.

Glued and stapled clamp face to box.

Glued and staple end stop to face. Primarily is to ensure material doesn't move but also that material is square to table when butted against stop.

On the back glued and stapled a scrap of 2x4 previously cut at angle. Its purpose is support for the tall particle board section and also act as handle for pushing jig.

Love auto focus..

Setting up to test cutting is when I realized how unstable jig was. Attached a 2" strip to back outside edge and some gussets for additional support. The doubled front seems enough to keep from rocking into blade. End up with only slightest movement. Light pressure on handle keeps jig square,

Sat up and rebut my leveling ramps which was main purpose- worked awesome!

Re-stain and mopped on several coats of varnish. Hopefully stave off the particle board swell/warping but for this project worked as hoped.

All but Continuous 25 slope verse the stepped 41 tires saw before.

The jig will come in very handy, being able to cut ends of board vertically. Now saw will cut 90 to 0 angles.Just a lot more versatility. heck i could even cut a tenon..

Link if embed doesn't show

Watched several videos (which you should) but the one that motivated me, breaking it down into the simplest build link
But again you can follow youtube links to see some of the more involved jigs, with a lot more features that folks are building.

Back to work...

Link to my cross cut sled build
Link to 45 miter jig used with cross cut sled

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