DANA 44 axle

    Well the ol Dana 30 front axle served us well for many many years, but after the 3rd rebuild decided after breaking it again to replace. Though most every one I know has gone or is going to, a Dana 60, I just couldn't justify it. I wanted another high pinion Ford 9" but after getting some crap from salesman, got pissed and ordered a D44 from another source, (and got crap from that salesman). Well its seems Im a moron for wanting a high pinion/ high steer setup on a sprung under jeep. Theres a method to my madness, and I know what will work for me, so they built it. Its a knarly lil 44, mix of 3/4 & 1 ton Chevy/Ford parts stuffed in a Terra 50 dom tubed high pinion housing. ARB air locker, 4:56 gears, high steer, dom tube, hyd assist. Its Sweet. Round hear my 'freinds' nicknamed it the "Flying Brain".


    Nothing like new shiny metal parts painted gloss back ...

    The center also has a machined flat top, for attaching links or whatever..

    You can see the shape of the center section, continuous slope to pinion. As nice a front axle it is, it would also be an awesome rear housing. Its virtually impossible to hang on its round and smooth bottom, the cover plate is cut at an angle. I believe Currie or Dynatrack is building a simular housing now for d60.

    This is one of the reasons every one tried to talk me out of a high pinion front axle, driveline will hit Jeep 6cly oil pan. Ya...and your point, jus needs a "bit" of modification.

    Didn't take long to figure with full locker engaged and 35" tires, she just don't want to turn, added hydraulic ram assist, bolt plate to axle flat top. I had ARB steering box rebuilt, at that time i had them tap for ram. The Ram kit came from Rock Logic.

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