Wave 3 Heater 06

Installed Catalytic Heater
While camping a few weeks ago, we were sitting around & Margaret noticed Camping World had Wave 3 cat heaters on sale. We had stopped using the main furnace years ago, I think we used it a few times the 1st winter. It flat kills the batteries and uses a lot of propane, plus it was just plain noisy. Worked great, but even when we had power the fan was annoying. We've been using a small Coleman heater that sits on a bottle, or when with power we use a small electric heater. We've talked about installing cat heater and so we ordered Wave 3 Catalytic heater. Our lil Coleman was 1100btu, the Wave3 is a bit more than that on low. So should work for us. If you like it really warm or have a bigger camper I'd go the Wave 6 maybe. Our camper is 9'.

Wave 3

Pretty easy install-the heater is a surface mount. Hardest was snaking the gas flex line thru the cabinets. I tee'd off the stove line which is just to the right. Course where I wanted to mount heater it wouldn't fit. I ended up moving the cabinet door below down, also moved the fold out table above up and the face of the drawer above it (not shown) up to get enough room to mount the heater. It faces the dinette. I'm going to put a piece of aluminum channel at the top of the heater to deflect the heat out. The fold up table gets warm but not hot, just to make sure the heat does not warp it.
Really like it., nice an warm -gotta leave windows open for fresh air. The new cats burn very clean so its not the fumes, its to replace the oxygen the heater uses.


Made a slip on vinyl cover. The heater documentation stated that contaminates can 'poison' the heating pad and effect its performance. So its covered most of the year and or anytime its not in use.

Well the new heater is nice-more heat than the little Coleman we used and all I have to do is turn it on v/s the other heater you had to dig out, screw on the bottle and it was in the middle of the floor. Really like the new cat. We do still carry the lil coleman jus in case and a small electric heater.

As much as we enjoy the new heater we are way more happy with the new found storage we've gained by removing the old furnace. Removal of the existing heater freed up a lot of space that was immediately utilized -thus the cat heater installation turned into a cabinet modification and drawer addition project....continued

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