Spare Tire Hoist

As mentioned, getting to bumper because of closeness of camper overhang on our '01 F250, inserting rod was impossible. I rotated hoist assembly 90 degrees to point at passenger rear tire. Note there are only 2 bolts into jack (3rd is in corner of opening). I could have redrilled truck but this does not really see any torque or load, its sandwiched and the spare is pulling down so I didn't feel it was worth the effort. Luck was there was a slot in the frame at just the "Right" location. Just used a piece of strap and some galv wire to hold end of plastic guide tube.

I believe this will work on dual wheel trucks also as the rod now goes in at quite an angle so should clear fenders. Easy fix- but some of the other ideas you'll find in the forums may work for you.

As pics are not to clear to begin with I left them large so you could get what detail there is.

    (added 11/05] Wayne posted on forum his mod for an '06 Ford-so this also works on the newer Fords, cool you gotta appreciate the forums. Just a wealth of information.

    Wayne wrote:
    After getting a new '06 F250 and finding the spare tire removal somewhat impossible with the camper on I was quite concerned. I read how some were making special tools to go in but I could see that it was going to be difficult. Then I read the idea of relocating the unit so as to be accessed from the right side behind the rear wheel. Last night I did the complete job in less than 2 hours. No welding required. Did have to drill 3 holes but it was fairly easy. Wayne

Pics of 01 F250. looking into rear wheel well new access to hoist
showing where rod access is on frame

looking up
We are laying on our back, looking up underneath the truck. spare has been removed. The hoist, (on top of the x cross member) has already been rotated.
Simply remove the bolts, rotate and rebolt, drilling new holes as required. You can see the clean shiny hoist tool coming from rear wheel well sticking thru frame slot into relocated hoist guide.

UPDATE 04/07/08

Welp- I'm in the middle of converting our SRW to DRW,

checking spare hoist access with new dually fenders

I checked the hoist to insure outer wheel wasn't going to be an issue. As you can see, mile of room. Cool.
Don't mind the truck -its in progress. making full wheel liners so you wont see any of the well.

Couple of years later... Just in case- our 'key' wouldnt engage. I discovered in our driveway. Checked yours recently?

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