Build a small shelf to replace old trunk

    Have a very old wood trunk. On it were placed some of my 'treasures'.

    Took a lot of floor space. Had a hard time putting it back after the living room remodel but I want some of treasures out. Plus a place to set one of the surround speakers.

    That and once the wall trim was put up to cover the previously carpeted section, we really liked the appearance of the wall. Its an accent wall, kind of separated. Now its stand alone not relying on stuff in front to tie together. Copied the lower section of TV cabinet, which sets to the right, carrying its pattern/height to wall. Building new shelf to pick up that detail. The thought was if nothing goes back, trunk or shelf not added, this would all be sort of continuous.

    I started basic skeleton for new shelf in the middle of the remodel while a had a free day. As I get free time not on something else I tack on a few boards. Its getting faced with redwood bender board. Filler project.

    Another reason for replacement was how far the old trunk protruded into space we walked by. A Later pic, On the very bottom right corner is new 'table/shelf'. You can just see the top of it, it protrudes no further than the wall shelf. I actually used the wall shelf to determine size. Incorporating speaker, with reaming shelf space for treasures.

    Considerable later. Speaker was modded a little bit. Faced the open side with luan to cover its black box. The small shelf s I extended all the way inside. They were initially just to make the corner. Speaker slides in and removable.

    As this sets against TV cabinet made a small end piece so stuff doesn't slide off behind TV and to carry the TV cabinets lower face to wall. Kinda ties them together.

    If either the TV cabinet or this new shelf goes away, the tie-in or continuous patten remains. Instead of building around stuff-IE this, where trunk goes away and I had carpet up the wall that previously was unseen. This allowance mostly due to TV. Cabinet was built for TV. Though on its second TV-good possibility that it cant be modified again later to except another TV and cabinet would go away. Just trying to foresee the future and not paint ourselves into corner and having to rework just so this are remains 'finished regardless of what's in front

    Anyway since I had added the end section I decided I could add the small shelf. Only 6" deep but nice. Had this little assembly in & out of the hose dozen times adding details. It doesn't look like it but there's a lot of details in it. Works pretty nice for purpose. The upper shelf sets on wall woodwork but isn't tied to it, The entire shelf assembly is just setting there and can be moved.

    Just view of the accent wall. Either TV or end shelf can be removed, I could even swap them. Anyway, just another project.

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