Camper Jack power supply switches 12/04

On our camper there was not a way to turn off power to the 4 camper jacks except by completely turning ALL power off to camper. Disconnecting battery they would still receive power from converter if plugged in. I really didn't like leaving the camper when off the truck with the jacks powered. Plus I had checked a couple of times and they didn't receive power from the fuse panel or thru any of the breakers -so somewhere there were fuses that if they blew i hadn't a clue where they might be. Could be a real problem.

Well after 2 hours a crawling around pulling stuff apart and not finding fuses I finally got out documentation. It said they should be wired directly to battery with fuse within 18" of bat. Hmmm, stock battery is outside under sink, so I removed access panel from under sink cabinet (water pump is under there also, hmmm how longs it been since I checked that filter?) There on the floor 2 red wire wires with in line metal fuses relays. I disconnected one , checked jacks -yup. Ok -good, there are fuses to the jacks, I was beginning to wonder. Now I know where they are- need to get some spares.

Still don't understand why power didn't go thru panel. I went to the parts store picked up two 50 amp toggles switches and wired them in line between battery and fuse. Kinda hard to see in pick. The point is, I can now turn OFF power to jacks. I now know where the fuses are. I may and probably will add fuses that are easier to get to, maybe under switches.

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