Add Flexible Goose neck lights



Added Littlites 18" flexible Goose neck reading lights. These things are so cool! Pricey but they put the light where you want it, have a dimmer switch, and the head also swivels. We just returned from a week of using them-wow. I mounted them beside the lights I previously installed...that didn't really work (see above 09/01). The coolest part of these is the dimmer. Though I installed because previously installed can lights just didn't work. These are Great for reading, put em wherever you want, as bright or dim as you need!


Mine have been in use for 10 years now. I just cant say enough about them. Thouhg looking at currrent prices would be hard to justify. Pretty sure I paid more $30 a piece but that was then....

update 9/2016; I got mine from, they no longer stock them but can be ordered. Link removed as appears last place to order these. I'm not sure why these are so hard to find and buy. Littlite sells direct but at full Suggested retail. Awesome lights/perfect for RV use-but tired of chasing links over the years. I suggest going direct to mfg, identify style that will work and then search for purchase. These are USA made, come in an unbelievable number of styles and configurations.... )

The automotive style, L- 5 series, come in 6,12 or 18" lengths, with the flex goose neck coming out end. Mine are wall mounted so ordered LIT-L-5/18. with the neck on end, wires thru back for thru the wall wiring. These use Halogen bulbs with current draw of ~380ma. L-6 series also has end mounted Goose neck but has wires coming out end for surface wiring or plug into power port. The L-9 series goose neck is on top, better suited for table top mount and has wires thru back. All are now (since I bought mine 10 years ago) available in LED. If I were looking LED though, especially if you spend a lot of time on shore power I would lean toward the CC series as they more designed for varying 12-28v input voltage. Alternatley can be had with 110v/power supplies

You can also see them directly from Mfg @ look for Automotive / Marine lights.


This will be the last time I try to identify source and links change...Again Littlite is the manufacture-

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