Shop Window and skylight rework

    Shop window

    Window and skylight were added to shop probably 20 years ago. Mostly for much needed light, both designed to open-

    Shop window

    The The skylight has worked well, a plywood curb covered with sheet metal when built when roof was installed. Simple piece of plexi-glass on piano hinge. It has lip that's pretty close to curb, has never leaked. The lift & hold mech. was a cabinet door limit arm modified by simply replacing the curved limit arm with a pieces of shelf channel bracket, slotted with relief's to catch on frame mounted screw. I've had to replace the lift arm that broke once.

    The window another story. It wasn’t metal covered and exterior 1x sides simply has rotted (seen 1st pic) from water dripping off roof. Oddly on sunny side bottom 6" all that was left was the paint film. It was originally set up with 2 pieces of glass I had on hand. Used some simple plastic slider rails, so the 2 halves of glass slid. Other than the light, Never worked very well and one of the panes broke not 6 months after it was built. But they would lean against each and it sorta kept the air out so never fixed. Figured since I need to replace the wood I might address the non opening issue (and broken pane)

    Removing all the rotten wood I replaced with 3/4ply. At top each side is piece of flashing. Then tucked in apiece vertically in corner. Wrapped the entire ply sides with aluminum sheet tucked into flashing then install a final piece again in corner. So its overlapping sheets that water cannot get past. Fortunately only the sides needed fixing. The sill, I gather because its a 100 year old redwood sill, didn't rot.

    Shop window

    With window frame fixed, now to the glass inside. I decided to replace with a single full piece of plexi. Hinged at the top so I can have open when raining. (You can see original slider track on sill)

    Shop window

    To hold window open or closed I modified some more hardware brackets. I think these are intended to hold a cabinet door or small box lid in position, like a flip top. I simply added the pull knobs at end to pull/push window. To tighten in a given position I replaced the clamping screws with longer ones that capture the added small flat knobs (wooden toy wheels). By turning them half a turn they clamp or loosen on the curved rail holding the window.

    This is opened closed daily for 3 years now and has worked so far without a hitch. It does require 2 hands to operate because of plexi size and not twist it. Any real force I imagine it could crack.

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