Another simple addition-add thru wall vent for shop computer

    Shop CPU vent

    I rescued an old Dell computer from a friend-I purged the hard drive and reloaded windows-works like champ for its purpose. Having the computer out in shop is just convenient-searching stuff on internet -running Autocad for layouts and playing doom or Duke. He had a old wireless adapter but I could not get it to work with our network short of unlocking it so I ended up running a hard-line to router in house. Got a cheap articulating arm for the monitor.

    After couple of weeks I noted the air temp in the cabinet that surrounds the computer would climb 10-15į warmer than shop. Have enough heat generation and not good for CPU. I had added an auxiliary fan to CPU case but seems its recycling same air. Space does have exit vents but still gets too warm.

    My fix was adding a simple bath wall vent or dryer type vent. I had an old 12v-muffin fan that at one point was in camper. Once vent installed Ill mount to wall blowing out thru vent.

    Cut hole in out side wall

    Shop CPU vent

    Not so easy was guessing hole location and ending up inside cabinet-nor cutting the hole inside. But got it. I only missed by an inch...Added some block around hole to stiffen and have screws sandwich the building. Trimmed the thru wall tube so it was flush to pegboard I sealed with aluminum tape.

    Shop CPU vent

    Again using butyl tape I sealed new vent to wall. Couple of days later trimmed putty and caulked, painted to match building.

    Shop CPU vent

    Over the hole inside mounted a pieces of 1x6 (and to cover oops). Other than a means to mount the fan it also was a way to transition matching the fans diameter with the smaller vent tube. Cut at an angle the hole funnels air from fan. Mounted fan.

    Originally I was going to run from a old transformer but decided worth the effort to wire from computer. So opened up the case. Grabbed power inside from unused drive feed-ran to an added push button switch. Ran new switched power lead and ground wire to a small duplex plug. Also tapped the switched power lead and ran to an added pilot light on case. Now I have a switched lead coming out of computer- when CPU turned on punching new switch powers it and pilot light. Plugged in the fan to computer lead. This fan is also 3 speed-lil switch on other wire controls speed.

    Shop CPU vent

    Whoo-whoo- turned on computer pushed the switch-it works! Flapper door on vent opens even at low speed-high is audible so settled on middle speed. This fan has LEDís-why?, well at the time it was largest cfm in stock when bought for campers stove vent (but was inadequate). It simply came with LEDís. I gather that in some circles having your computer light up is cool. Actually while it was installed in camper was nice -made a great midnight snaking light

    But funnier is going outside if fan is on after dark...

    Shop CPU vent

    on at night

    Shop CPU vent Shop CPU vent

    Old Dell replaced-lighting fast & no issues but with no XP support finally replaced with a new 64win 7 machine. Came with license for win10 upgrade but holding off (like years, if ever...). Pretty sure I'll end up with machine not connected to outside world...for computing, likely another for net use. I don't understand what most folks are doing with their computers that's driving the direction of operating systems. Running 'Windows' isn't why I turn it on? Anyway 'nuff...

    Moved over the external vent controls. Also just for grins "Camo" painted the trim ring, not that pictures show. It had a plastic chrome ring around perimeter-gotta wonder at marketing folks.... Popped off the trim was going to paint black but figured what the heck. Kinda fun...

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