Repurpose dishwasher to Storage cabinet

    Not much to say. Simple repurpose of non working dishwasher. Needing some place at least semi dry for storage of welding rods wire and other stuff when this was removed from the house it quickly became a candidate for conversion. I have small a lean-to building where gas welder sets, mics wood and stuff is stored. If I built a platform to raise the dishwasher could utilize the space above welder.

    All I need is 2x frame for dishwasher to set on, post in outside corner and attach DW top to rafter. I ended up lowering a bit adding 2x4 stringer to rafters so door will clear building door frame. The rest was just scrap lumber. Simple.

    dishwasher cabinet

    Though not all that heavy once I got it set up and the structure built I removed again to gut motor and everything else. I figured the added weight of stored items worth the effort. Washer arms take up space. Glad I did. I assumed being water tight it would be air tight? Wrong. Mostly the door. When I separated to remove controls wiring switches etc- I noted its full of holes. Soap/softener dispenser-switch housings and a row of actual vents. Removed what I could then sealed with aluminum tape. Top spinning washer arm and plumbing was easy-removing the motor and lower arm a bit more effort. Basically just a plastic shell now, metal base that the door frame and return/balance springs attach to. Still removed over half its weight. Reinstalled in building and loaded it up.

    dishwasher cabinet

    Cool. Works really well. The roll out shelf makes getting stuff nice. Isn't pretty but functional. It holds quite a bit of stuff. I had thought of replacing the wire shelves with wood shelving but simply bending over or cutting off any dish dividers worked. The baskets actually contain stuff when pulling shelves out. Face of door was aluminum sheet that I robbed for another project. Anyway simple, free & easy repurposing of dishwasher cabinet. Gained some needed storage.

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