Replace Craftsman #61828 shop stool cylinder


Received this stool few years ago. I was hesitant giving up my old fixed stool I've been using since about 1978 but as it was a gift figured I should at least put in the shop.

It didn't take long to really appreciated the swivel seat, or the back. Using it almost exclusively. I've had to repad the seat, replace the seat vinyl. But all in all for price nice stool.

Then last year the air cylinder started leaking until it finally collapsed, would not stay up. Looking on line couldn't find replacement parts.

Put my old stool back into service, but really spoiled- need the swivel seat. I ended up taking apart and slipping a short section of ABS pipe over cylinder to hold seat up. That worked. Our local Sears was closing, so making one last trip, among other things I picked up another stool. Hadn't put together, its in the shed for backup.

Building a small 30" high worktable had need for a shorter stool. Decided I could get out the new stool, put together to use at workbench and cut the old one down for short table. Problem is the newly built table may get casters, raising it 2". Cutting the old chair, it may end up to short down the road. Be nice if the adjustable cylinder worked. Got on line again.

For some reason just the cylinder isn't sold by most-the few sources I did find, price was more than the stool. Also though there maybe none listed for shop stools. Finally found on (several) on Amazon , complete assemblies that met all dimensional needs,
Outer cylinder diameter: 2 inches, Inner cylinder diameter: 1.1 inches
Min length: 10.4", Max: 15.1", Stroke extension: 4.7

Perfect, $10 figured worth the gamble. came with the outer tube
Amazon link for as long as it lasts....adjustable cylinder
Edit: Which wasnt very...still listed but unavailable.

FYI Dimensions of shock to match-as these are all pretty much the same-spend as much/little as you want. Fit will be diameters 2" & 1 1/8" , height can be close-+/-

Cylinder arrived. Appear almost identical, except the outer tube and taper where it goes into chair base. Have to try. Removed old cylinder, a lot easier second time, inserted new one...

Umm that ain't going to work. New outer tube wont slip down onto chair base as far.

Old one only protruded 7/8", new one is almost 5" higher. Looking at them both seems might be able to use new cylinder in old tube.

So took them both apart. Simply use screwdriver to unlock clip sliding off groove of rod, cylinder slides out of tube. (they are greasy)

Except for where the taper starts on outer tube they are identical. Both have same plastic top/sleeve inserted in to metal tube that cylinder runs in. The cylinders except black verse chrome (and one works) are identical. After transferring some of the grease off new one and coating old sleeve inserted new cylinder into old tube. Pinned it

Should be obvious but when removing from tubes ensure all the pieces come out. Rubber cushion goes on then washer, bearing, another washer. Insert into tube, then washer and the clip to retain

Absolutely awesome. All the way down..

All the way up. Smooth... Just like its supposed to.

If you have this stool or similar-this is all but a direct replacement- for $10! All your using is the cylinder itself and not the outer tube. So knowing this you wouldnt need to remove old tube from stool.

So now that its working hesitant to cut it but I can shorten the stool to 20" in the all the way down position and have the ability to raise to 25".

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