Change screen to louvers

Changed screen in generator door to louvered screens. The door had a open mesh screen. When it rained, water off the ladder and rain bouncing up off the bumper would get into the gen compartment, More than once camping in the rain the gen wouldn't start or would get wet & die. Found some (almost) perfect inserts at local hardware. They also have a 1/8 mesh wire screen behind. At the same time I removed shipping bolts. In looking around to see what was getting wet I noticed the gen mounts. Hmm how does that move??/ I guess the dealer thought I'd figure it out. Generator is a bit quitter- errrr. If its really hot out I open the gen door for air flow.

louvered door

I also was cleaning all connections, the generator would go into spells where it didn't want to turn over then turn like crazy...just like a loose connection. I couldn't find anything-decided to change end of battery cable, might be corroded inside. I couldn't pull any more cable thru so went inside. There's an opening behind fire extinguisher that's open to area under slide that butts against gen box. Battery cable was behind there, with this huge ball of tape? Well that's why it wont go thru-hey the cables different colors?

So I traced to other side of panel where cable came thru-jeesh there's a mile of extra cable wound up and zipped tied. So I went back to ball of tape , removed and someone had "bolted" a short piece cable to end of main cable to reach thru outside wall to reach gen. I guess the dealer that installed our generator didn't realize there was extra cable on the other side of the panel and added the short piece, with a bolt, morons. I removed the bolted on extension, yes it was loose, pulled cable thru to reach gen connection.
Never had a problem since...One of the reasons I do my own modifications and installations, good grief.

At the same time I added screen material to all vents. Refer side covers I hot glued strips to back side, water heater outlet.

refer cover
Just fyi, this is our lower refer cover that I hot glued screen to-upper one has full louvers.

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