Install Rear awning

    awning out

    Added a rear awning to camper. We enjoy winter camping but getting in and out was a pain in the rain. This unit (another idea from the RV. Net forum) is a Truckin' Awn Companion Awning made by Carefree of Colorado thru It is a simple unit but perfect for the back door, about half the price of a sandard awning.

    awning in

    Our camper roof ladder doesn't go all the way to the roof so I opted for a 6' wide unit. At this time, they also make a 5', 5'6" and smaller units. Choose the auto rafter model because it extends 4' instead of the 3' on the standard model. You need to look at your camper to figure out what width will most cover the door with available mounting areas. Allow that the door needs to open. You can see in picture the clearance & mounting areas are limited. I installed my self-fairly easy (though check the dims they give before drilling). Kind of difficult with only one person, you need to place to insure you clear everything. Just locating was the most difficult part. This isn't the greatest great shade awning, but not what it was intended for. Maybe a big one for the side later, but this works great for getting in and out and keeping the rain out, nice we like it.

    Made a hook out of a piece of round bar-the pull strap is quite a ways up there.

    update: Went out after Christmas, lots of rain- really nice getting in & out of the camper, plus we can open door with out water coming inside.

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    UPDATE 12/08 previously was pop- up window