Install Handrail


Installed a handrail. Climbing up our scissor steps was kinda shaky, from the ground you couldn't reach the grab bar. The fold out hoops are better mounted, but this one is longer. "Handi-Rail" was? made by Stromberg-Carlson, kinda hard to find, Lets you put your hand on something and makes climbing the steps feel more secure, plus it matches the angle of the steps. The bottom leg telescopes and the rail folds flat against the camper for storage.


To insure we didn't pull out the top mount I made a matching square plate for inside the camper, drilled to match bolt pattern of top mounts. Drilling THRU camper wall, I use carriage bolts from the inside out. The lower mount I just drilled & tapped the bumper. Plan was at some point to add a brace from rail to the exterior ladder ...but never happened. This pic was taken after the installation of 110v plug.

Though the Handi-Rail is nice & its what I'd useagain, I dont know if they are still made. Ive since seen one that actally clamps end support to steps, made by that might work as well. And of coarse the GlowGuide handrail that TorkLift makes,

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