Paint yellowing plastic

after/before Simple Project:

The upper window frame on our door had yellowed terribly.   Made the camper look old, well older than it is :).

I've used Krylon Fusion plastic paint a lot- its a great product.   However it just never occurred to me to paint camper plastic until someone on mentioned painting to freshen up the camper plastic parts,   Hmmm-So I did.

When I started the sun was shining on back off camper - tried to get a before pic but the sun was pretty bright and you cant really see how much it had yellowed.   Most of the plastic, refer vent covers etc on out camper actually look pretty good.   But the plastic trim on the window was actually more beige than white. Especially against the lower window which has a painted metal frame.   Also yellowing plastic =brittle.

I doctored this photo-its a half after/half before

I cleaned the door handle it was gross. The paint on it is kinda soft not sure, semi rubberized, and it was turning black. I've tried everything to clean it, bleach soap alcohol nothing worked. I wiped with acetone VERY quickly and the black came right off-(and a bit of paint- whoa!., let set a few seconds then wipe again. Don't want to get it WET or let the rag stay in position, you'll actually remove the paint.

The grab bar I wiped with alcohol & acetone, I used some white vinyl spray I had because I'm unsure of what its made of. It needs to be replaced as its chalking, but I painted so at least it looks a bit better till I find one. When I replace I'm going to get a black one cause its always just dirty.

DO NOT use plastic paint on vinyl-or rubberized parts (like auto grab bars etc). it wont dry. You'll end up with a gummy mess that just gets softer. Lots of options for vinyl spray (auto parts)      

Our window didn't leak-I had replaced the sealing tape on it a few years ago when I replaced the glass.   So I decided not to remove the frame, just mask and paint in place.

Newspaper isn't the best masking material, I have a masking machine and paper but too lazy to get it out. Newspaper, paint can soak thru, ink can bleed, and can create fuzz or dust. But its free and I use it a lot. I like blue masking tape, just easier to remove, creates a better line.

Folded paper to minimize over spray drifting, I also usually hold a backdrop (paper) to catch over spray. When ever I rattle can something it always gets breezy and its usually in the direction of my truck :(

Sprayed several very light coats. Ill add after 1st stroke was spraying air, gave cans a few shakes, spayed another stroke and started spraying air again, took me a bit before I realized the straw inside the can must have come off. Err its an hour to& from store-I've got paint on my frame....If I go get another can Ill have to clean frame which means re masking. Quick dry paint usually will lift or wrinkle if you apply second coat after its dry. So ended spraying entire frame holding can upside down-fuunnnn.

I didn't think to cover the rubber on top of bumper it should have been ok- I guess because I was spraying with can upside down created large over spray droplets not just dust, there was a lot of large white specks I got to clean up...




Clean & white.

    This will work with about all your plastic pieces, plumbing vents. refer vents etc any hard plastic parts are a candidate for painting with Krylon Fusion paint. (Not so much endorsing this brand but its the only plastic paint I've used and it WORKS) 

Some folks paint stuff before it ages and it will help as it blocks the sun. Other paint their roof vents, I Don't think I would as our camper can be a bit dark but it would help with aging and/or if yours has really yellowed.                                                                                                                      

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