Install Fluorescent Light

(Note since this page created, most all lights converted to LEDs few years later 2010. This remaining non LED fixture was finally replaced 04/2017)

Minimal power usage, Power you save is power you can use (for something else or later).
We are gradually replacing most fixtures with single tube small florescent fixtures. There expensive but use half of what 1141/1156 bulb uses.

(I tried LED replacements, have a couple over the bed. They were intended to go under sink and overhead ceiling kitchen light, there the most used lights, but didn't like the LOW output of the LEDs. If your really into conserving your battery, LEDs are the way. I picked up a couple of 1156-PCB-W24 led lamps from I could use them for low level lights etc, perfect for watching tv but for dicing onions, reading I don't think so. Its weird how bright they are looking at them yet the light out put for general lighting is so low. There a few places that there great for and perfect if you end up with dying batteries somewhere. You can see by them & safer than candles. )

I use Thin Line single tube fluorescent fixtures-power consumption is half (0.6 amp) of a regular bulb. I discovered when mounting the one under sink cabinet that if you pull the wood trim tape off the half of the diffuser that's covered you get light out both sides, if you remove the shield inside you get even more light dispersed. They use the same fixture for single & double tube lights, on the single tube they cover the diffuser with wood grain tape, I guess so you'll orientate it correctly. Though I recommend removing the tape to increase the light output area (unless you want it directional) -due to the fact you might shock yourself, I don't recommend removing the wiring shield (even though you get better light dispersal).

Update 2010 - Have added or switched, since this installation, all lights to led bulbs (see LED page. This under cabinet florescent is the only non-led optioned light.

(UPDATE 04/17- finally swapped this fluorescent for a dual tube LED fixture that draws 0.4/0.2 amps and twice the light, see LED tube swap)

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