DVD storage

Got tired of digging thru the flip up cabinet beside the bed, where we store dvds & tapes. Was in Orchard Supply the other day, I walked by these racks-we had picked one at wallmart for the house but its bout 3'tall, This one is only bout 16". Hey that'll fit in the camper. Just cut off the base & it'll hang on the wall.

dvd storage

So thats what I did. Another 5 minute job.... The pic above is the modified unit hanging in the camper.

bigger dvd storage

And this one, above, is the one from the house, a bit bigger. However since the smaller unit that would "work" had to be cut to hang, I realized after the fact that I could have bought another larger one and cut it to length. The larger one, if you look closely the hoops are bent different and actually hold the dvds better, oh well.

Simply cut the 'foot' hoop at bottom off, leaving bout 3/8" of rod below last dvd hoop for hanger attachment. This will leave the front legs a bit longer, Stand the rack vertically, standing on front legs push the rear of the rack down to bend all the hoops so you end up with some slope. I only got maybe 3/8-1/2". This is so the dvds will set at an angle when the rack is mounted to wall. Easy. I used plastic mirror clips to mount, course where I mounted there wasn't anything behind the bottom screws in 1/8" paneling, I had to add a piece of 1"x 2" inside the closet.

I'm unsure if the dvd's will stay in on the road, think so, depends on the road :). I may just attach a small strap and velcro or rebend for more slope. At that point though Ill get another rack like the first one and start over. hmm... or just a piece of cord w/ loops and just cross from top to bottom, cool-done. I had an old hat with a leather thong and sliding button. Looped over one top leg then diagonally across to opposite bottom leg -cinch up the button.

Just another idea for simple storage. Lot of folks use the wire racks you can find most hardware stores for shelving in the camper. There easy to install, don't weigh anything, relatively inexpensive & can be used in odd places for storage. I've not used any because all I've seen are white. I painted this one with brown fusion paint, so I may add a couple more wire shelves like over bed windows.

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