Entrance light

Installed an auxiliary light by door, 12v receptacle:
Couple of different things here but all done at same time. Add light by door, add switch to bathroom light & add a 12v receptacle.

When coming back to the camper and its dark, kinda had to fumble around. The porch light switch is inside the door but does not really shine into inside. Nearest light is over dinette. The other switch by the door controls the bathroom light- yea its behind the door when accessing the bath?

1st I disconnected the bathroom light from switch, tied it to hot wire direct so wire going to bathroom ceiling fixture is a hot lead instead of switched. To the bathroom light fixture I added a simple rocker switch. wanted to use a pull chain switch, but unsure if it'd eventfully pull light loose. This freed up the wall switch and makes turning on the bath light more convenient. If I ever come across a water proof switch Ill add in bath as a wall switch.

Found this inexpensive dome light at Auto zone. I installed just below the switch, ran wire to switch, originaly grounded to door frame but have since run to wired batt ground instead of chassis ground. Nice, it adds a lot light to get into the camper without stumbling around looking for light switch. As a plus it also lights up the stairs. As this fixture has its own switch it could be hard wired for use, It stays in the on position for our application (actually when I get around to it Im removing the lights switch, keeps getting bumped off).


Since I was there I add a 12v receptacle below the light. Its wired into the solar controller 'load' output. This is for charging batteries, running small 3 way fan or recharge its batteries etc when the solar is charging. I also ran a wire to outside cabinet (not shown) for batt ground for light (originally used chassis ground). Outside compartment I added another 12v receptacle thats connected to battery. I use the outside one for charging my RC stuff .

update 04/10

    This simple addtion worked great. However I later added cabinet to this wall for fire extinguisher, made this installation appear a bit cluttered so it got revised ..

    see ext.cabinetpage

    (update 2013)Several updates since this was done-the light got recessed, as linked above, with actual light switches. Also bathroom light swtich was moved to outside on opening side of door. Swapped in leds.

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