Now another place to gaze out..

always wished I could see out the rear door window. Plus if someone (like the Grand kids) was trying to get in or sitting on the step, you couldn't see them if the lower curtain was closed.

So I finally removed the bubble opaque glass in main camper door. A few screws hold the plastic frame, the glass is held/sealed by double sided tape. Took the glass to a local shop one afternoon, they cut some 'black' glass to match, also got some new tape from them. Reinstalled it into door. We did get a lot of light thru the original window, but I just didn't like not being able to see out it. The black glass, which is the same as the rest of our windows and comes std. on most campers, gives you full view out but you really cant see in, at least in the daytime. I really enjoy this 'new' window, its nice in the morning.

pic of 'new' glass from outside

from inside looking out

Course I had to hang a curtain, well Margaret did, its flannel so this should actually help with the cold air, its a single pane window.

UpDATE: '16 Only took 10 years but finally replaced the 'pillow case' curtain...

Raining outside, shows some other changes along the way- new curtain page

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