Change closet rod

I don't have a clue why camper closet rods are so bizarre, no other word describes them. Difficult to hang clothes, can slide stuff-just bizarre. So for easier storage I've replaced them.


I had already taken metal hanger down. It was attached to the bottom side of shelf. I moved the centered 1x brace it was attached to over bout 3" for more room above rod. I'm using a round rod, this will allow me to raise an extra inch. The closet is fairly shallow, it's next to bed.


This is the main closet, I had replaced the rod in it right after we 1st got the camper. It had the same silly metal affair..and was simply screwed to ceiling. The bed closet, as rod orients to door, wasn't as quick & easy requiring a bit of thought so got postponed a few years


I This is what I came up with. I had some standard closet rod but the diameter put it hanging below door opening. I had a piece of 1/2" conduit laying around. Will give enough room above and not hang below door. Closet is fairy wide, so I am install rod at an angle this will make getting 'stacked' clothes easier to see get out. Just drilled a hole in some ply and glued it to pieces of 1x that can be screwed to wall/door frame..


Just bracket detail.


Mounted-. I noticed how far the hangers hang. So I took them all, briskly heated with propane torch, fully wrapped around a piece of rod, dunked in water to set, cut off extra. Only set one on fire...


Now & before, Prospective a bit off but easier to get stuff more verticle height. Hangers are almost 2" shorter, keeps coats off closet bottom. The farthest one back you can see is even shorter. I may do them all that short.

I hadn't realized how much Margaret found the hanger rod in this closet annoying till I fixed this. The angled rod really does help getting coats in/out. Course if I wasn't so lazy, I could remove cabinet face and widen closet 3-4", then clothes rod would hang parallel to door. There is room, I'm not sure why it was built like this. But it would be some work, not worth the effort least right now, and this simple free project will make it easier to use.

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