GP Logistics SLD-D7 Double Sided Folding Ladder - 7'

All about options.. recently installed a Cell phone antenna and booster. The antenna is mounted to a folding mount at rear of camper. With an auxiliary ladder I could raise and lower without getting on the roof. Margaret agreed.

Actually I've wanted one of these forever. Due to cost and no easy place to store and honestly, no real need never could justify.

Now with the excuse, I mean a practical reason, to access antenna, I picked up a 7' ladder. When folded this thing, though 7' tall, is approximately 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" square. Pretty amazing. It is fairly stable. I expected to be a bit more shaky, but locked down its rigid.

My only real complaint is it doesn't come with top cross 'tool' tray. It is sold as an option. Though inconvenient not having a place to put stuff, it limits easily utilizing full height of ladder safely. I need the top cross piece, acts a steady rest when standing. Want my shins against rung above standing rung. That and have been using step ladders forever-keep reaching for the tray and grabbing hand full of air.

So ordered the optional tray. Other than functional its a rather cool design. It stays on ladder and hinges to side when ladder collapsed.

When ladder deployed the tray rotates then slides between the side rails and locks.

Mounting on camper-1st try

My pre measurement were off, where the only place to store is on campers ladder, the new ladder is too tall and doesn't clear the awning. So modifications begin...

Removed the bottom rubber feet. cut off 2" from the 4 rails. Reattach the rubber feet. Second was the very bright red retaining strap. Removed it and added 2 black velcro nylon web straps. Doesn't really try to come apart but if it did while carrying could pinch. 2 just keeps it together tighter.

Lastly is I removed all the labels-literally plastered with useless stupid people stickers. Gripes me to no end. Unless your use requires OSHA/ANSI labels, cant remember how to put tooth paste on a brush...simply obnoxious. And a chore, some hellatious adhesive.

Mounting to camper, Intent was to simply strap for easy retrieval. Used 2 buckle straps. That kind of worked but top of ladder can hit the porch light if the bottom scooches out. Second, retrieval a bit to easy. Plus on the back of camper I want a positive mechanical means to secure.

Had an extra Torklift lock. Bent a piece of 1/4"x1" flat bar to wrap ladder, secured with the lock. Still easy to remove, but take more effort to grows legs. Only require 1 ratchet strap to snug, mostly against rattling.

Made a small box to capture legs. Keeps at needed slight angle. Between it and the aluminum retaining bar, ladders not falling off.

Surprisingly worked out well, functional, easy to retrieve and replace. But...
Other than appearance, couple of other things I don't like. Primarily its location, living out side exposed to the elements. Second is it will need to be removed to access the generator, or retrieve the scooter ramp. It totally blocks the porch light, and we can no longer carry the factory flip over step. Its used to access main ladder.
Functional, but day to day I think it will be a pain.


Looking at options decided if I rearranged the stuff in basement tray it might live in there. Wouldn't be as convenient, but then I noted the area between the tray and generator, again. I've always wondered about the space.

Probably 2/3rds of our campers basement area is unused, inaccessible.
Previously thought about utilizing some of this space with marine type floor deck lid.

These sketches were drawn up years ago.

Never pursued but now looking again..

All I would need is door large enough for ladder (red) but pretty confident the space between tray and generator is empty (green). Though not enough to cut wall and find out it isn't.

Then it occurred to me, Removing the tray I could cut an access hole thru divider wall, poke a camera inside and see to verify. So Im going to pull everything out of the basement. There is a blind area under door between the existing basement tray cabinet and generator box. Im fairly sure that it's open all the way to front, almost 9'. I'll cut an access hole thru interior divider wall, stick camera inside so I can verify. If it is open with no obstructions like I think it is, I'll add a small door.If something doesn't allow use, no harm-I tried. Would be perfect to store the ladder out of elements.

I hate jig saws. Well not really, - Cutting blind, blade I must have hit the blade scroll lock switch and it took off, Ill clean this up later, cut another piece of plywood with a hole to reinforce.
Access hole...

Camera in hand- there's the generator box...

Hoo whoo- as I assumed and hoping, free and clear.
Except in front where generator box protrudes into space by 2 1/2", the space is 14" wide x 8" better than 9' deep. Then I poked a stiff wire from tray door side thru the bead board of exterior wall. It went all the way to generator so no vertical studs in wall.

Got on line-found a JR Products 21102-A Polar White Multi-Purpose Hatch/door. Same as our electric cord door less the 'vermin' cord slot. Outside Dimensions: 8-1/2 height x 8 width, Cutout Dimensions: 6-7/8 height x 6-3/8 width
I did think about a full width door as the small door will limit full use of space. But would add to what's needed just to open door, folding down basement step. I think I'll add a small fixed tray to left of door. I have several items that could reside there, IE awning rod, solar tilt bars, rods to stabilize cell antenna.

Lastly as apparently there are no vertical studs that extend below floor level, siding is somewhat structural. There is a horizontal under door and full length one at bumper but nothing between?

Getting ready for door. Removed the tank drain and handrail and roughed in hole. Door should be here tomorrow.

Making a new aluminum quick release mount for handrail mount, other than rusting away, blocked door opening. Pull pin, open new door and slide out the ladder. Once door on adding a block of wood behind so ladder doesn't ride on door frame and acts as a stop if ladder should slide toward it. Lot of silly details but this will be worth the effort.

The drain line temporarily running into generator box so it can dump on the ground. Mounted valve to an angle brace, added short down line. Eventually rerouting to exit front of camper.

Moves the hose into inside corner of ladder box out of the way. Still will add 1x2 'guide' w/some blocks to protect hose. Pondering how to easily shorten depth by about 18".

Pouring down rain so kind of on hold...

Door arrived-

New in the package labeled PN 21102-A, but wrong door. It has the cord cut out identical to PN 22132-A. How does that happen? A little peeved but I need to install. Super glued the cord slot door shut. My concern is on rear of camper water will be blown in.


Some butyl tape, 12 screws and its on

Not too shabby...

Ladder IN!. Had some scraps of 1/2" PTF, (cutting board), notched a piece to sit on floor& protrude up against door lip. Screw on 2 place side pieces to guide ladder from contacting door frame.

Still kind of amazed how much area is unused. But 7' ladder stowed.

Details yet, add full length 1x2 with some blocking to keep ladder away from drain hose. Reinforce the access hole I cut. Pondering the depth & how to keep ladder from sliding all the way forward. Again box is 9', I could reach ladder but..Cant build anything outside then place. Could staple a small 1x2 frame, attach strips on top, shove it all the way down to act as stop , with a string attached just in case

Unfortunately I keep seeing an access hatch inside on the floor. I could utilize that front area of this space. Thru it I could build a bulkhead to stop ladder and also contain end of it from moving sideways. Box in & restructuring cut floor. My tool box that rides on campers floor and then gets moved to truck could stay in new compartment. Seriously is appealing. However Im going to scab something temporary for now to space ladder, placed on round to it maybe cutting my floor wont happen.

Check out our new 7' ladder! Results worth redoing.

Did look at the scooter ramp but hinged end wont fit thru door. Margaret likes it, her comment was too bad the Pooh bucket wont fit.

Update: Attempts at scabbing ladder restraint thru the 6" hole just wasn't working. Adding hatch at front to access.
Hatch addtion Access & storage

  Update: bout a year later
well addition for using ladder
Using the ladder to access the wifi or cell antennas to deploy has been awesome. However climbing the ladder when at side of camper pretty sketchy, especially when on not so firm ground.

Just nothing to grab on smooth wall. I only need to climb to 5th rung but still kind of iffy until I can reach the roof rail or in the forward location, grabbing the rain gutter. So added 2 handles at top of wall. More of steady rests easily grabbed depending where ladder placed. Though camper is about 2' higher when on truck I can reach the grab handles when I get to 3rd rung.

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