Amp Research BedStep on 2001 F250 (with Torklift camper mounts)

Installing Amp Research rear BedStep on our F250 truck. Simple-functional rear step that mounts under bumper to get into trucks bed with tailgate down or UP!

Retailing just a tad over $200 something I likely would have never sprung for. I also have side steps I made a few years ago, and they are used often. However when we purchased the electric Power steps, shear luck, I managed to do while there was a 2 week promotional offering the rear Bedstep-free! with purchase. They, Amp Research, often have different promos going at different times for their products. Usually like $50 off etc. How they justified giving these away I don't know. Though I opted in to receive the 'free' step it wasn't what swayed me to go with the power steps (Though sure offset the cost). I assumed it probably wouldn't fit our truck

The possible issue. Tube bolted to side of receiver hitch that camper tie downs insert into
As mentioned I assumed the Bedstep would not mount because of rear Torklift camper mounts as shown above. The Bedstep mounts using 2 bumper bracket bolts directly above my camper mount receiver tube, when folded in the Bedstep folds/knees under truck- & it sure looks like right where campers mount tube is. But I'll need to wait and see. If it fits awesome-if not I can sell or give a way. Took 8 weeks to receive but well worth the wait

Umm thought I had picture of Bedstep mounted before removing the camper mount but don't. I was correct- sort of. When the step folds in its 'knee' hits the mount tube. However it 'could' mount like that as it only keeps it from folding completely under. In the retracted position it stuck down a bit further and out a bit, not that bad but more than I could live with. No interference with operation and fine in extended position. I couldn't really tell how much further step would fold in so I removed the camper mount. Installed the BedStep.

WOW- Step tucks in pretty close, looks good. Easy to operate, then I let the tailgate down and stepped in the bed. Double Wow- its getting mounted. So I need to modify camper mount to make this work. Again, because the step folds and scissors under truck the actual amount it protrudes/hangs down by partially hitting of the camper mount is only half. IE travel is stopped about 1 1/2" short of full retraction but step pad only sets about 3/4" further out and down than it otherwise could.

Point being is IF you had an F250 with Torklift camper mounts on Torklift receiver hitch and you wanted a Bedstep it would work without modifying and be functional. I simply want the step as invisible as possible so went a step further.

I toyed with several options to get needed clearance, Cutting, rewelding etc. Decided the simplest was to move the mount toward tire by redrilling the holes in receiver hitch side plate. Simple, except in execution. After several minuets, limited access and angle caused drill to walk. Tried using mount to restrain the drill bit but just wasn't working. Going back to drawing board-but realized what I really need to do is disassemble and remove the hitch side plate to drill. Yes a few bolts, yes a bit of effort, but once removed drilling will be a snap-in the end a LOT less painful and done correctly instead of McGivering/Goldberging some work around .....

So off it came. 15 minuets of gathering tools and unbolting I was in the shop.

Scribed where to place holes and drilled 3 holes in less time than spent trying to drill on truck. Moved over bottom hole to reuse, moving mount exactly 2". You can see trail where drill walked when trying under truck. Material cut pretty easy-

Remounted the side plate to hitch. Took a bit more time to wrangle into position and retorqueing.

Remounted the camper receiver tube to side plate. 1/2" to spare to new Bedstep arm. Note: As camper tie downs are bout 2 1/2 feet long the angle wont change enough to make a difference. If more room needed at fender can use outer retaining pin holes or likely drill additional pin hole between. Don't believe will be necessary but checked. If angle needed to be increased (restored) simply moving or making a new attachment plate on outer camper mount arm easy enough. Again pretty sure no issue-just ensuring not painting myself into corner.

Bottom line- I have tons of clearance, I have fully functioning Bedstep to make getting in & out truck bed from rear easy AND Torklift camper mounts. pretty stoked.Now that its done a very simple mod-just move the camper mount. Easy. Mounting the step itself minor. Spent more time figuring out than doing.

Just a few pics

Bedstep tucked in out of the way

Extended with push of the foot to easily get into truck bed. No more jumping off the tail gate

View underneath extended

and stowed.

Just nice..very practical in-use additions. Surprised how much I use.

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