Replaced switch-add angled gage bezel

Well Ive had a leak in my air bag system for about 3 months. Right bag over several days would end up flat. Id go out every so often with spray bottle of soap, determined to find it. Make a mess out of me and the truck spraying all the fittings-checking the bags and reservoirs. Just couldn't find it. try again in a week or so but end up giving up. Meanwhile bag gradually got to the point over night lost almost 15#

Last attempt I got really serious, spent several hours trying to locate. As it took 12 hours to leak down 15# realized it was still a VERY small leak. so spent a lot of time just watching for a bubble. I pulled my ping tank, pulled the bag to inspect the back side-. I just couldn't find it, frustrating. My bags are 12 years old and they are pretty weathered. They do need replacing. I was kind of thinking maybe time to go ahead 'cause maybe just permeating thru the bag. Not likely but I'm at a loss. But due to cost its last-plus I want to insure something else isn't leaking before I order bags.

Only thing I haven't checked are the fittings behind the dash-switches and gage. I need to check-but pulling the dash I want to have parts on hand. I have extra tees and line, Start with a switch. If it's not a fitting or switch Ill order bags. If that doesn't fix last item would be the gage itself. But replacing switch will be a start-gages aren't cheap

This is what my in dash air bag set up looked from original install.
original install
Was always pretty happy with even though from normal sitting position couldn't see top of gage. Even this pick I'm bent over a bit.

I decided to order a switch, when it arrives Ill pull dash and inspect everything behind. At that time Ill replace the switch. Then It also occurred to me since I'm pulling the dash I could finally put in an angled bezel to point the gage up. It sets low in dash and visually can't see top of graduations-always been an issue but never motivated to go thru the effort to uninstall everything. Kind of had to bend over to get a straight on look at the gage and get semi accurate reading with the dual needles. Adding the angled bezel would allow looking at it straight on. That would be nice. Make pulling it apart worthwhile even if not switch. Well after ordering wrong ring (2 5/8"), correct trim bezel (2 1/16") finally came in along with a replacement switch.

Pulled the dash along with attached air bag cluster took to the shop. Removed right side switch, replaced with new one. Pulled the lines loose and removed the gage. Errr. Well the OD of new trim bezel is quite thick, When I originally installed the switches and gage in dash it was all squeezed in an embossed area of dash. Looked like it almost belonged. Well the new trim ring isn't going to fit inside the embossing, it's also going to need a bit of finessing to fit between switches. So when done it's going to be crowded-kinda stuck on the dash looking. At this point I decided function is primary-if it looks like crap no help for it now. Only option would be to make a panel. Possibly down the road-plus if I made a panel I could spread the components back out a bit-but biggest plus is it could be pulled from the dash with having to remove dash to work on...yup future project. Kind of sucks but this needs to work. So dremeled the new ring so it would fit, plumbed the lines. Yup that looks like dog poop.

Hooked up air lines-reconnected all the electrical and dash stuff, reinstalled the dash. That looks pretty bad-hmmm but I can actually see the gage. Aired up to 80 psi. Let it set and check in the morning..

WHOO_WOOO! it's working!. Was kind of bummed with the appearance but stoked with the angled bezel and being able to fully see gage, but more importantly it WAS the switch. I had about zero confidence this would fix. STOKED!

This is new reinstalled gage with angled bezel-should a done this a long time ago.
Still leaned over a bit to take picture but with angled bezel face flashed.

The new bezel does protrude from the dash quite a bit-makes it look like it's on top of switches. You can see the trim bezel setting on dash (come in a pack of three). Pretty sure I'll redo -just need to find a piece of textured plastic or maybe matt black aluminum sheet. It only needs to be about 1/4" larger perimeter than line on dash. Orrr...possibly a dash overlay kit. Anyway when I do Ill replace other switch also. I'll look also revisit installing a small tank gage. Picked one, 1 1/4", a few years ago but couldn't find a place that looked right. But for now-system fixed, last thing I would have figured is bad switch. I'll probably go ahead and order new bags and other switch. Update: replaced bags & brackets with newer 'used' kit

Replacement paddle switch for Airlift #21703 for 1/4" air line (found on Ebay for $18.00)
Auto Meter 2234 Black 2-1/16" Angle Ring - Pack of 3 (fits airlift 2 1/16" gage)
(Auto Meter 3244 Black 2-5/8" Angle Ring - Pack of 3 if you have large gage)
When reinstalling airline fittings you should recut square with a sharp razor.
Biggest source of leaks normally unsquare/rough cut.

This just another shot showing gage face (almost).

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