No more posing-CRAWL time!

Oh... this is my newly painted CJ, body for Axial Ax10 r/c car. Cut off top -sectioned & dovetailed rear, cut windshield remounted with zip ties so it can be folded down, built full roll cage. Maiden ride.

uuuhhhh, workin. Actually working, Really surprised. Im thinking the extra weight is helping it hook. Wow, Im stoked.

I did not think this body would function at all, but it doesn't hinder flex, actually climbs better.
Obviously in tight quarters cage height will hinder

having some fun..

One of my favorite rocks. You climb the back face, turn around the face, there's a crest, ya gotta take it slow..>

Ohhh, jus luv it.

Off the crest. kinda hard to drive an snap photos...

Only in a Jeep

Another view of the sunset and a successful build. It performs ok considering the cage weight & height, I need to trim rear bumper-catches when going off steep steps. That and a short deans extension for the battery-, I can barely get to battery plug..details!

Well all in all came out better than I thought it would, for a semi scaler, not too bad. But it is a crawler, the Jeeps body is cool to watch but its the crawl thats really the fun part. I have a couple of other bodies for thrashin. This was a fun project. Though if I do another jeep body, Ill figure out how to get the look I want without completely removing top. This body you could remove windows etc an leave the top on, mount a LIGHT roll bar to the body itself, other options... Hope this eggs you on to and or gives you some ideas.

Nuff for now

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